The Josie Dye Show with Carlin and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto The Jewelry Store’s Been Robbed

There is content everywhere you look – if you see it, the richness it brings your show can be immeasurable if you capitalize on it.  In an off-air conversation with the midday gal, Josie, Carlin, and Brent, Indie 88, Toronto found out that she’d been in a local mall the day before and witnessed a robbery at a jewelry store.  It’s excellent content as it’s a story listeners will want to hear.  That it happened the day before means the emotions and details are fresh so the story will be well told.  The first decision is an easy one – the team had the midday gal on so she could tell her story (they didn’t tell the story for her).  All they had to do was get the details from her in conversation.  Then the pivot, which is so necessary to advance the story line to keep the audience hooked.  They asked for stories from listeners of when they witnessed (or were part of) a crime.  Here’s the break of callers telling their stories.  A bold one to grab the audience at first, then something silly at the end.  Both real life, which is great content for the audience.  Keep your ears open.  There is content all around you.  Just hear the good stuff like this and bring it to your show!