AMP 103.3, Boston Therapy With Judah

amp1033_tjshow_500x350Here’s a feature you cannot steal because it’s driven by the personalities of the host and guest.  Each week on The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston, TJ talks with his nephew, Judah.  The topics are always about life, with TJ needing some piece of advice.  Nine-year old Judah is unbelievable cute, exceptionally eloquent, and very logical in his answers, making his innocence ring through.  Of all the incredible features this show does, this is the one that scores highest for the audience because it is so novel and entertaining (as we say, “only on TJ”).  In our efforts to separate ourselves from the entire market, this weekly bit scores big time.  We’re securing each of the four necessary images to win:  it’s fun to listen to, very authentic, completely innovative, and highly relatable.