Tony and Kris, WIVK, Knoxville That’s All I Need to Know About You

Tony and Kris, WIVK, Knoxville do a daily feature called That’s All I Need to Know About You.  Each of us make daily, private judgments about people when we see them do something we think is stupid.  The guys are great observationalists and this plays off that strength.  Considering that real life is a treasure trove of terrific content, they offer up some inane thing they saw someone do and then tag on the hook line, “that’s all I need to know about you.”  The show then flips and asks the audience to call in with theirs, highlighting more content from listeners’ everyday lives.  This makes the program more relatable and more fun because listeners can go off on the inanity around them with others tuning in nodding yes and laughing along, heightening our relatable and authenticity images.