Tony and Kris, WIVK, Knoxville The Golf Ball Drop Decides the Winner

It’s really important to be topical.  Being about the moment makes your show sound connected and relevant.  Think of the nightly comedians.  Minus political comedy (which doesn’t fit most radio shows), they create humor around whatever topics are hot right now.  That’s a smart approach to prepping your show, too.  The week of the Masters, Tony and Kris, WIVK, Knoxville decided the audience deserved to know who’d win before the iconic weekend golf tournament started.  So they wrote the names of each golfer on a ball, dropped them down a flight of stairs, and whichever one their producer Cody grabbed first was predicted to be the winner.  Think Topic-Treatment-Tone (as espoused by my friends at Coleman Insights).  The topic was perfect, but the treatment (the idea) was meant to ramp up the laughter and talk.  Here’s audio of the break.  They did a companion video that was released on social media, too, to extend the life of the idea.