Ty, Kelly, and Chuck NASH FM’s Ten Minute Tune

This week’s audio proves several things:  first, the importance of being about the moment.  Great shows are about whatever is going on right now.  Second, taking advantage of your surroundings – there’s gold for content and characters all around you – just see it.  And presenting your content in a way where you own it.  The NFL season starts this week.  It’s a big topic for any market, whether you have a team or not, because listeners’ lifestyles are impacted.  Back in the day when I was working with Ty, Kelly, and Chuck, NASH FM’s syndicated country show from Nashville, we added a feature that took advantage of all the artists you’ll find all over that town, looking for their big break, called the Ten Minute Tune.  We partnered with a few who wrote well and had a sense of humor.  Each morning, we’d take calls from listeners suggesting a topic and the singer had ten minutes to come up with a song around that topic.  Here’s what happened with the the NFL draft, when it was a big topic after the season that year.