US 99, Chicago, Buying Your Moms’ Cigarettes

Yup, me too.  Those three simple words, when thought by listeners, are immensely powerful.  In a show’s quest to be honest in its story telling, if the audience hears an experience and reacts by seeing themselves in it, they identify with the material and connect with the person telling it.  We’re often asked when is talking about yourself too much.  Fair question.  The answer is:  when the audience doesn’t see themselves in the story and when it no longer is entertaining.  Stylz and Roman, US 99, Chicago, reminisced about buying their mother’s cigarettes when they were young.  Highly relatable content.  To entertain the audience and elevate the story, they got both their moms on at the same time to add another comedic element, then they opened the phones for listener stories.  For this Stage One show, with its undefined cast, this is a perfect break.