WBLI “The Lamest Weekend”

reynoldsgroup_500x350Here’s a fun new feature you can do on Mondays that plays off your weekend.  Dana and Jayson, WBLI, Long Island, were recapping their weekend on a recent Monday show.  Jayson took the position that he had an incredibly lame weekend and seemed disturbed by it.  They were really smart by broadening it out to include listeners, trying to “out lame” Jayson with the simple question:  Who had a more lame weekend than Jayson?  Great radio shows work when they tell stories.  Stories have details and twists-and-turns that capture the audience.  Jayson is presented as a very regular guy to the audience in this conversation, also allowing both of them to showcase their senses of humor very authentically.  The premise is fun (and atypical) as are hearing the audience tell stories, too, turning them into the stars of the program.