WBMX, Boston Lana Leaves Barrett for the First Time

Karson & KennedyWhat’s it like for a mother to leave her kid for the very first time, and leave the kid with the father?  Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston explored the topic.  Karson’s wife, Lana, was going out of town for the very first time for a girls weekend after their young son, Barrett, was born.  How would Karson “perform” as a father, alone, for the very first time?  Lana puts Karson on notice in several areas:  how the kid will be dressed, getting him a haircut, having a poker night at the house around their son.  Radio is really easy – tell me a story (Lana leaves town for the first time), then make it come alive in the details so conflict appears, producing a highly relatable dialogue affording the best chance for natural humor.  No bit, just real life talk.  The bonus and what makes this sparkle, is getting Lana on to add perspective as the mom and instigate more conflict so this really shines, keeping the attention of listeners throughout.