WBMX, Boston This Mom is On Strike

Karson & KennedyYou want to connect with your demo?  Understand what their life is like day-to-day.  These are conversations you should also be having in your prep sessions – even asking people in the building who are the demo about the things going on in their lives to broaden the conversation.  Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston, heard about a local woman who was going on strike in her home because her kids and husband did nothing around the house.  The easy part is getting her on for an interview.  Elevate the creative by committing to checking on her regularly throughout the strike for support and then bringing the narrative arc to a conclusion for her and the audience by brokering a peace accord.  One of the check-ins is below.  Every female listening to this show is nodding in agreement and laughing along with the storyline, forging yet another connection point for the talent with the demo.