WBMX Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive

Karson & KennedyStory-telling is the most powerful thing a show can do with its content.  Charlie Sheen announces that he is HIV positive.  What resulted is Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston hearing from a listener who is also HIV positive from her former boyfriend.  Personalizing your content, telling immensely powerful, first-person stories, is great radio.  We talk all the time with shows about not handling stories like this on the surface (sharing facts as you know them – which anyone can do), but digging very deep, sharing with listeners how this affects you and being honest enough with your fans on your take on the story is a terrific way to define your character.  The listener in this audio clip emailed the show to share her story (resulting in her coming on the program) because she feels like she knows the cast and trusts them.  When big stories happen, you want the audience to wonder your take, to tune in because you go miles deep to explore things, and because you’ll be vulnerable enough with them to connect in very personal ways.