WBMX Kate Merrill Misses the First Day of School

Karson & KennedyEvery once in a while there’s a break of perfection.  This is one.  In our efforts to accrue images of humor, authenticity, innovation, and relevance, prep becomes more critical.  Kate Merrill was filling in for Kennedy on Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston.  Kate is a TV news anchor in the market, but is atypical in the sense that she never tries to protect her TV persona.  She’s just a real life mom on-the-air and has no issues revealing herself.  Last week, while on the show, she was missing her kid’s first day of school.  Understanding the relevance of this topic, the team surprised Kate with a song to note it, along with one other unexpected element.  Listen to this break, all the natural reactions (namely, silly laughter), how human, real, fun, and unpredictable this is.  Also take note of the work that went into conceiving this idea, writing it, gathering the elements, and then flawlessly executing it.  PPM is a measure of experiences.  Imagine the experience listeners had hearing this and their desire to want to return to the show again to get more of it.