WBMX Lana is Angry About the Massage

Karson & KennedyIf you’re telling a story on the show that has other people involved, instead of just giving the details of the story yourself, get them to participate so there is more to play with.  Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston, ventured into Karson’s relationship with his wife, Lana.  She’d purchased a massage for him that he never used and this caused friction in their relationship. Their great producer, Mike Morgan, told Lana to listen to the break they were about to do on-the-air.  He then had her leave a voicemail with her reaction (a novel approach).  This break is Lana going off, uninterrupted, on Karson.  It’s a terrific character building break because Lana is very real, very passionate, very opinionated, and very funny.