WDRV, Chicago Kim Jong Un Calls the Show

Kim Jong Un is in the news.  Looks like he wants to nuke Guam and the rest of the United States. For any show, getting North Korea’s leader for an interview is a total coup.  WDRV, Chicago’s Sherman and Tingle worked it hard and Un called their show to talk about the state of things.  Well actually, it’s his translator.  Looks like Kim knows lots about how bad Chicago traffic is, wants to annihilate the awful freeways around town, uses the station app to listen to his favorite classic rock, and has deep affection for the station midday talent, the iconic Bob Stroud.  Great shows do perishable content.  Breaks with topics cut from today’s headlines and done in a sticky, unique, memorable way, always work.  This show will continue to win because what they do on the show today would feel very dated if done next week.  That’s good.  Enjoy Kim Jong Un and his translator on The Drive’s morning show.