WEZN, Bridgeport, CT That’s All I Need to Know About You

We all make snap judgments about people, don’t we?  We see someone, make a note of something they’re doing, and make a broad assessment about their life.  Anna and Raven, Star 99.9, Bridgeport, CT recently added a well-evaluated feature to their show (as developed by Bud and Broadway, WIL, St. Louis) called “That’s All I Need to Know About You”.  This is a fun feature because it’s digestible, funny, and highly relatable.  If you’re the kind of show that journals each weekend to generate personal experience stories as content, it’s likely you have several in there to kick this feature off (“if I see you shopping at Home Depot in curlers, that’s all I need to know about you!”).  Throw a few out on your own to frame it so the audience understands what you’re looking for, then open the phones to grab some from listeners.