WFSX What to Do With Crazy Callers

daybreakdrewsteele_500x350Here’s an odd concept:  take a conservative talk show host and help the audience see how fun he is.  That’s what we’re doing on Daybreak with Drew Steele on FOX 92.5, Ft. Myers, FL.  The conservative talk show landscape is very cluttered with angry hosts pounding the table on issues.  Drew is different.  He has total knowledge and absolute formed conservative opinions of the topics of the day.  But he showcases them through his sense of humor.  Conflict creates entertainment and there are times Drew gets calls from people he deems off-point or odd.  That’s when he takes a respite from the caller to “gather himself”.  Here’s an example – imagine as you listen to this the reaction from people tuning in.  They’re laughing, along with Drew, and then are more open to his opinion.  People want to laugh on their way to work, which is why this approach so fits his morning show.