B103, Rockford, IL The Five Year Old Controls Mother’s Day

b103_seanmichelle_500x350What’s it like when you tell your five-year old son to “man up” and take control of Mother’s Day? That’s what Sean Henry, host of Sean and Michelle, B103, Rockford, IL, did with his son, Declan.  Seems like Sean wanted to teach his kid how to start making big decisions about what he’d get his mom for the holiday.  So, he charged Declan with coming up with one new thing to get his mother each day during the week.  This break is strategic because it’s very real, plays off a current topic, is highly personal, and I leave getting a true sense of Sean as a father.  There is not a mom in the audience who isn’t stopping and listening to this break loving how this relationship is playing out on the air.