WIL, St. Louis Another Episode of the White Trash Division of My Family

There is no better way to connect with the audience then by telling a story.  Stories define us, entertain us, have elements which make them memorable, prove one’s authenticity, and are how we navigate relationships.  What is a great song, but a story?  What is an excellent TV show, but a story?  Bud and Broadway, New Country 92.3, St. Louis do self-deprecating quite well.  Jerry Broadway is always mocking the odd members of his family, including a subset he comically refers to as the “White Trash Division”.  He shares all their exploits, with their funny details, as the innocent bystander, shocked (but not shocked!) at what he’s witnessing.  This humorous vulnerability bonds him very efficiently to the audience because the story proves how real he is.  The audience is so disarmed, they so see themselves in this story, and they’re so entertained that Jerry stands out as a personality.