WIL The Good Feet Store

Bud & BroadwayTalent get endorsement fees and radio stations charge a higher rate for live spots because personalities have credibility.  The big question on live reads, though, is do you deliver the live read like a commercial or is it conversational and presented as content?  Here is a very unique live read from Bud and Broadway, WIL, St. Louis which elevates one endorsement spot.  They recorded a live read for The Good Feet Store.  Only problem was that Broadway hit the wrong button and it slowed the audio down just enough for them to sound drunk.  Instead of re-recording it, they aired it.  A few things happen here:  they make fun of themselves (very good) and, because the read is so funny, the commercial message for the client cuts through even more.  Not every client would let you do this, but presenting a spot for a client the way they did effectively turned it into fun content.