WIL, St. Louis This Newscast is Funny

Bud & BroadwayIf you do “news” or a trending feature on the show, let’s huddle up and talk about why.  It’s not to convey information – it’s highly likely a station exists in your market that is an expert at delivering information around the stories of the day to those tuning in.  They come to you for fun and perspective.  A goal for every show I work with is to make the audience wonder what the talent’s take is on the news stories of the day.  That is the engaging part of doing a news feature – and what makes it work.  Here’s an information break done on Bud and Broadway, WIL, St. Louis.  The stories chosen come from the day’s headlines.  But it’s their commentary, their take, and their laughter that elevates this break for a strategic win.