WNOW Bryan’s Butt

Kyle & RachelBest breaks of the week go to Kyle and Rachel, Radio NOW, Indianapolis.  This shows that from the smallest of comments, great ideas can emerge if you just listen for them.  On a conference call last week, Bryan Lord (a cast member) said, in casual conversation, that one of the things he hates about hooking up for sex was what his butt looked like when he got out of bed, especially if the gal stared at him.  He hates his ass.  Seizing on that small comment, we came up with an idea for Bryan to take a selfie of his ass in the bathroom, which was texted to some female listeners in the moment, who came on to critique Bryan’s behind. We created intrigue, which then pushed listeners to the web to see what it looked like.  That partial nudity was involved helped the bit.  Here are the three breaks and how it evolved on-air.  Quite entertaining for those just listening.