WNOW The Super Bowl Sex Party

Kyle & RachelOne of the easier breaks to do on a Friday show is to simply ask listeners that they’re doing that weekend.  It’s completely lifestyle and will be a potpourri of things you can explore, even going back to a few on Monday if something truly interesting comes up.  Which brings us to Kyle and Rachel, Radio NOW, Indianapolis, from this past Friday.  When listeners were sharing what they were up to, the team was completely taken aback when one caller said she was going to a Super Bowl Sex Party and that it was thrown by someone everyone knew, who was on TV in town.  Intrigue is critical to making a break work.  Kyle convinced the caller to give him the name of the person off-air, introducing this x-factor into the break.  Only he and co-host B-Lorde know who this person is (Rachel left the studio not wanting to hear the name).  Now listeners wonder, too.  Resulting in a question they’ll be asked for months:  who is it?  Here is the initial break they did with subsequent calls from listeners.