WQYK Dave and Veronica’s First Pitch

wqyk_daveveronica_500x350We have a uber local show with Dave and Veronica, WQYK, Tampa.  Being local is not the only reason they win, though.  They beat the competition because they leverage that localness and are exceptionally entertaining around it.  We got Dave and Veronica to throw out a first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game.  Knowing that most of the audience won’t go to see them, it’s their job to bring enough audio back to air the next day so this group of people will feel like they’re there.  Here are two breaks that do this perfectly.  In one, they had a fan in the stands do play-by-play of their first pitches.  In the second audio segment, you hear natural audio as they’re introduced, along with the chemistry of this team, as Dave ribs Veronica about what she did and how her family reacted.  This chemistry, natural laughter, bold content choice, unique execution, and our being local all adds up to the show’s consistent wins in Nielsen.