WRAL-FM, Raleigh The K&W Casanova

Don’t tell me about what you have to give out – tell me HOW you’re giving it out.  A client offered roses for Valentines Day to Two Men and a Mom, WRAL-FM, Raleigh.  A good prize for the holiday, right?  The win for 100% of the audience comes in how we give them out, because anyone listening when we do is affected by that – that’s how you earn images. which fuels wins.  And caller ten won’t cut it.  There is an iconic restaurant in Raleigh called the K&W Cafeteria.  Those eating there are all over the age of 75.  The show’s Bryan Lord, decked out in a tux, decided to become the K&W Casanova, serenading women eating lunch at their tables with a love song for Valentine’s Day, before giving them a rose.  Four videos were done the week before for social media (here) with the best audio airing the week of Valentine’s Day.  That’s how we gave out the roses – sticky and fun for anyone tuning in at any moment of the show while headed to work.