WRAL-FM, Raleigh What Do You Really Think of Co-Workers

Who has A.D.D.?  I hope all of our hands went up!  We all want to be entertained and for it to happen quickly.  The team at Two Men and a Mom, WRAL-FM, Raleigh spend extra time designing breaks with this in mind.  It’s not necessarily about break length (although shorter is better than longer, the design of what you’re going to do is paramount).  Listen to this relatable content and then hear how the break is designed so the listener never gets bored.  There was a big local story where the coach of UNC basketball publicly dissed his team.  Coming out of music, they got right to content with the audio clip of the coach everyone had heard.  No fluff up front – content first!  Then reflection conversation from the cast where you will hear the anchor pivot away from sports to the more relatable topic of disrespecting those you work with.  Then, a call from a listener telling a very passionate story about a co-worker she thought was worthless.  All of it fun.  What helps this even further is that in their allotted time, the break had great pacing and never rested in one spot for too long because they prepped it that way.