WRAL, Raleigh Bryan Tells His Mom He’s Engaged

Every content choice on your show must be done for a strategic reason.  Two Men and a Mom, on MIX 101.5, Raleigh, is a new show for the audience so we focus a lot on character content to define the talent and humanize them.  Bryan just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend.  He decided to tell his mother last of everyone, opting to tell her on-the-air.  His mom, Bekkie, is always great on the show so they knew her reaction would be very revealing, highly emotional, funny, and make Bryan her son perceptually in the process.  The show calls Bekkie in this segment and we all get to hear Bryan tell the story to his mom and hear her natural reaction as she shares with the audience how she feels about the news and what it’s like to be in their family.  This is very personal and vulnerable and is an excellent example of how to do story-based character content in a way that perfectly defines a member of a show.  It’s sticky because it’s real, a story, and has emotion attached to all of it.