WTIC-FM, Hartford The Robo-Crank

Who’s not getting robocalls on their cell phones?  Time to turn the tables.  Gary Craig, WTIC-FM, Hartford is a legend and, in part, built his show around Crank Calls.  So doing a robo-crank perfectly fits his program.  Gary downloaded a new app called Robo Killer to his phone.  When he gets what looks like a robocall on his cell, he engages the app, which answers the call and screws around with the guy in India calling to sell insurance or tell you that you’re in trouble with the IRS.  The smart approach to doing relatable, distinctive radio is to take the huge topics of the day (in this case it’s robocalls, which everyone is getting and hating) and figure out what to do with the topic that you can own (using an app to mess with the caller so everyone is laughing).  Look at a Kimmel, Fallon, or Ellen and that’s what they try to do everyday to create an experience you cannot get from anyone else.  Gary understands this approach in creating fun things to do for his show, which is why he’s iconic in the market – what Gary gives you, you cannot get from anyone else.