96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford The Sean Spicer Interview

If Dancing With the Stars offered you Sean Spicer for an interview, would you take it?  Or, because he’s politics and associated with the president, would you turn it down?  If you took it, what would you ask him?  Great shows are in the moment – they do content that two weeks from now feels stale.  Sean Spicer and Dancing With the Stars are “the moment”.  Christine and Salt, 96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford were offered the interview and accepted.  Their first question was asking if he knows how to spell “impeachment”, allowing Spicer to show his sense of humor.  They then explored his job, if he’d ever met Melissa McCarthy who played him on Saturday Night Live, and then the outrageous outfits they’re making him wear on the show.  The best part of all of this is that they leaned into the interview and saw its potential to grab the audience, instead of being worried about how it could harm them.  Be about “the now” with your show – know the big topics and what your take is on them to do the most relevant, contemporary program.  All the media around that you compete with are about what’s going on right now in the news and pop culture – and while some judgement will need to be used (not everything fits), talk through how you might do something so you stand out in the marketplace.