WTMX, Chicago He Gave Her Mountain Dew

In a recent article, Jerry Lee, the iconic owner of B101, Philadelphia, noted that one of the principles of engaging an audience is that relevancy drives a connection.  We preach this all the time to shows – the more you tell stories where the listener can think, “Yup, me, too” you have a potential connection point to start or evolve a relationship.  Koz and Jen, WTMX, Chicago, had one such moment (they actually have many!).  Jen’s daughter came home after being out with her husband for an afternoon of errands.  The kid was bouncing off the walls.  Jen couldn’t figure out why, then her husband admitted he gave her a super-sized Mountain Dew.  The daughter had never had so much caffeine and sugar.  Boneheaded husband move!  Which lead to a phone topic of moves your spouse made with the kids that didn’t work out (one father ate five gallons of ice cream with his kids for dinner when his wife was out).  Relevancy drives connection.  Sometimes it’s not rocket science!  This might be simple storytelling, but it’s powerful, intimate, vulnerable radio.