WTMX, Chicago Late to His Own Wedding

Phone calls from listeners are standard fare and an easy and effective way to tell stories and create fun, engaging, relatable content.  Where do yours come from?  Some shows pull their phone topics from prep sheets and then tie their stories into the generic, evergreen topic suggested.  A better place, and one that provides terrific character development for you and your team, is from those real time experiences you’re having in your life.  Enter Koz and Jen, WTMX (The MIX), Chicago.  Jen hosted a baby shower for a relative at her home, where the relative being celebrated was almost two hours late.  The twists and turns of this story are most authentic to define Jen.  The team then offers up the appropriate topic:  what were you (or someone you know) very late for?  A listener called to share that he was late to his own wedding, because he was sitting in his car in the parking lot listening to the radio.  You’ll never believe what made him stay in the car.  Here’s the break – great story telling, terrific fun, with the most appropriate questions and comments from the team to connect with the audience.