WTMX, Chicago The Fake Cake

Proving that listeners glum on to the frivolous, Jen from Koz and Jen, WTMX, Chicago presented a cake in her weekend journal she baked for her youngest daughter’s birthday.  The cake was too perfect looking for us – so we started to rib her that she actually purchased it instead of baking it.  The room became so much fun over this, we saw a narrative arc to do through the show.  They posted a picture of the cake on their Facebook page at the start of the program and asked listeners to go see it and comment if they think she really baked it (digital engagement).  This, of course, became on-air content and calls (laughter for those just tuning in).  And culminated at the end of the show with Koz calling Raina, Jen’s daughter, to “authenticate” that the cake was for real (character development).  Silly is better than weighty – this proves listeners will follow along and play in the sandbox if we give them something substantive that is also easy to consume (pun intended!).  Here’s a compilation of some of the breaks they did through the show so you can hear how it evolved.