Zach and Brittney, B100, South Bend The Tree Pee

At our core, we’re storytellers.  That’s how human beings connect.  By telling stories. So it was fitting to tell stories just before the holidays about Christmas tree issues gone sideways.  Any show could make the case that this has been done before.  This is an issue if the stories being told are bland, boring, unentertaining, and do not connect. Not so with Zach and Brittney, B100, South Bend, IN who told their stories, then asked the audience to tell theirs.  Here are some wins of this short break:  Vulnerability, coupled around real life, work.  The audience wants in on your life.  You also stand a greater chance to win if you do what these guys did – put the spotlight back on the listener and let them tell their story.  Some shows feel like they should always be front and center.  This break shows how to back up, let the listener shine, and support them where needed to advance the narrative so everyone can relate and the audience can have a fun time hearing the story.