Zach and Brittney, WBYT, South Bend, IN Mother Mary Does the Laundry

When a major controversy comes up in the studio like who does the laundry at home better, it’s best to bring in an expert.  Look for people at the station who can have occasional roles complimenting and elevating the content on your show because they can be a foil.  Mother Mary is one of them for Zach and Brittney, WBYT, South Bend, IN.  The show got into a deep conversation about doing laundry recently.  So they each did their laundry, brought it in, and had a co-worker, who they named Mother Mary (because she sounds very motherly), critique who did it better.  We’re at our best when we’re being silly and relatable.  This one accomplished both because it was so frivolous.  What Mother Mary added made it even more fun.