KSON, San Diego Being In The Moment

If I were to take an hour of today’s show and play it in two weeks, would it feel old and dated?  If so, that’s a good sign that your content choices were “of the moment”.  That you were so tapped into what’s going on right now, you reflected pop culture and were contemporary.  Your audience wants not only a connection to you, they want to be connected to the topics of the day.  That’s being radio’s version of click bait.  In a brainstorm around the topic of James Holzhauer, the weird guy who keeps winning on Jeopardy, John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego wondered what it was like for the contestants who lose to him.  Noting that each contestant and their city of residence are used in the introduction at the beginning of the show, they wrote down a few and used the Google Machine® to find one.  Here’s an interview with the guy who came the closest – the contestant who lost to Holzhauer by just $18.  In the moment, from a unique angle that fascinated them, and a few minutes of highly relevant pop culture radio their fans could not get from anyone else.