Lexi and Banks, KUBL, Salt Lake City Will Smith’s Slap Was Faked

Wonderment and unique angles to big topics engage the audience.  What Will Smith did to Chris Rock was easily the biggest story last week.  Every show should have been on it a lot and from multiple angles to keep the audience interested.  In a brainstorm in our weekly call, while talking about the topic, we wondered, as did everyone, if the slap was choreographed and the entire episode staged.  That was part of the national conversation so we felt a need to address this, too.  The simple thing would be to ask listeners’ opinions.  Not a bad move.  What Lexi and Banks, KUBL, Salt Lake City did, though, was engage a body language expert found on Google who analyzed the video.  The gentleman they found came to this conclusion based solely on body language:  it was faked.  This is not only an engaging treatment of a big topic, it could get external press, too.