The Ed Lover Morning Show, Jams 104.3, Chicago What’s Up With Charcuterie Boards?

The reason Jerry Seinfeld is a megastar is because he sees things we all see and he makes fun from his silly observations.  Enter the Ed Lover Morning Show, JAMS 104.3, Chicago.  Ed has the same sense of humor.  Here’s a simple break whose genesis is Ed wondering where the hell the word “charcuterie” comes from.  We’ve all enjoyed charcuterie boards.  Ed riffs on the word and, Jerry Seinfeld-like, we all nod in agreement and laugh at his observations.  What is your sense of humor?  Are you the observationalist?  The edgy person who mocks current events?  Are you the dad joke guy who laughs at rimshot punchlines?  Or maybe you’re like Jeff Foxworthy and make heady jokes out of everyday things people do.  Or your sense of humor is self-deprecating.  If you’re going to reinforce the authentic images of the show and continue to build humor images, it’s important to know your sense of humor so the show can reflect it.  If you ever met Ed Lover, this is who he is.  Which is why he’s so real.