George, Mo, and Erik (The Morning Bullpen), KILT, Houston Mom of the Year

Every great phone topic on your show should never, ever, ever start from something in a prep service.  Anytime you get the audience to tell you their story should only be after you tell your story.  The best phone calls come when you reveal who you are by sharing something that’s happening in your life now, then flipping the script and asking the audience to talk about themselves.  Use prep service phone topics and the show will sound bland and evergreen.  Generate your own and you’ll be heard as genuine and authentic.  George, Mo, and Erik (The Morning Bullpen), KILT, Houston understand this.  Mo told a story about not being able to get her kid out of a car seat because she’d just had a manicure and didn’t want to ruin her nails.  This becomes “mom of the year” stories where listeners can rat themselves out.  You can’t beat a story like this from a listener.  It can only happen if your story starts it, not a prep service.