Ex-Boyfriend Poker

Here’s a fun, recurring feature called “Ex-Boyfriend Poker”.  Invite women to call about their ex-boyfriends.  Put them on in pairs, giving each a sentence to tell you about why they dumped an ex-boyfriend (i.e. “I dumped an ex-boyfriend when I caught him cheating on me with my sister in our bed,” verses “I kicked an ex out for charging $1000 on my credit card without asking permission.”).  Award a prize to the more intriguing of the two stories in each pair (because they have the better poker hand) and know that there are lots of follow up questions to make things come even more alive once you choose the better of the two.

Hot List Aug 30, 2010

The Emmys
Paris Hilton
Back to School
Glenn Beck
Labor Day
Three Day Weekend
NFL Preseason
Katrina Anniversary
US Open
Jersey Shore
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Shelly vs. Perez Smackdown

J & JulianOne of our signature features on J & Julian’s show on B96 Chicago is “Showbiz Shelly’s Smackdown” where our show biz expert, Shelly takes on a listener in a daily pop culture trivia game.  This is a special version because she payed against Perez Hilton!  We billed this as the Showbiz Queen verses the Showbiz Queen!

Hot List Aug 23, 2010

Egg Recall
Back to School
NFL Preseason
Family Vacations
Jersey Shore
Bed Bugs
Jennifer Aniston
Betty White
Brett Favre
Wyclef Jean
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WBMX Bobby Flay Interview

Karson & KennedyHere’s why this interview with the Food Network’s Bobby Flay on Karson & Kennedy on MIX 104.1, Boston is a terrific one.  Great interviews bring people inside through story-telling and get the interviewee to reveal something we listeners don’t know.  In the first half, Bobby talks about getting vegetables out of Michelle Obama’s garden at the White House (brings me inside by telling a story) and in the back half, he admits that his new show, positioned as though it’s done at his home, actually isn’t as it’s a TV set (told me what I didn’t know).

Good Samaritan

Here’s a new feature being done by Candy & Potter at KMPS, Seattle called “Good Samaritan”.  You must have three excellent prizes (all the same) and four listeners.  One listener is your good samaritan.  Offer them one of the great prizes.  Then, the other three tell a quick, but emotional story as to why they should be given the prize (i.e. dog just died, about to get married and they’re not having a wedding).  Make sure they’re coached off the air to heighten the impact of their story.  After hearing the stories, the listener who you’ve given the prize to must make a decision; keep the prize for themselves (and the other three who told these quick stories get nothing) or give the prize up, thus becoming a good samaritan.  If that happens, you then award the other two story tellers duplicate prizes.  There’s great tension in this as the original listener must make a decision that others listening will play along with.

Fake Regis Calls Shannon

Mojo in the MorningShannon from Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit was chosen to co-host The Regis and Kelly Show for a day while Kelly is on vacation.  The Mojo team excels in innovation – it’s one of the reasons they always win in the ratings.  Listen here as Mojo gets Regis to call and congratulate Shannon the day after finding out she won.  If something smells funny when Regis gets sexual with Shannon, it’s for a reason – the Regis in this call is a fake.  All good-natured fun to create some laughs!  The real Regis called in the next hour!

Hot List Aug 16, 2010

Back to School
Steven Slater
Summer vacations
Mosque at Ground Zero
Dr. Laura
Julia Roberts
Lindsay Lohan
Gay Marriage
Jersey Shore
Tiger Woods
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How Hot Is It?

Tiffany & MichaelIf you target women, kids are always gold.  That’s why when the northeast went through its last heatwave a cople of weeks ago, Tiffany and Michael at B101, Philadelphia, downloaded “how hot is it” jokes off the internet, went to a local public pool (where the kids are) and had them read them.  Listen to the produced piece here and know that every mom (B101’s audience) was laughing right along!

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

With kids going back to school, here’s a relatable idea for your entire audience.  Have kids call a special phone line you set up (could just be your direct extension at the station) and give them 30-seconds to tell you what they did while on their summer vacations.  Invite parents do do the same thing.  Kids are always cute and the disparity against the adults will be amusing. The more you promote the line (on your show and throughout the day) the more you’ll get to air.  This is better than a straight up phone topic because you won’t be at the mercy of what you just get that morning if you roll it out then.