Good Samaritan

Here’s a new feature being done by Candy & Potter at KMPS, Seattle called “Good Samaritan”.  You must have three excellent prizes (all the same) and four listeners.  One listener is your good samaritan.  Offer them one of the great prizes.  Then, the other three tell a quick, but emotional story as to why they should be given the prize (i.e. dog just died, about to get married and they’re not having a wedding).  Make sure they’re coached off the air to heighten the impact of their story.  After hearing the stories, the listener who you’ve given the prize to must make a decision; keep the prize for themselves (and the other three who told these quick stories get nothing) or give the prize up, thus becoming a good samaritan.  If that happens, you then award the other two story tellers duplicate prizes.  There’s great tension in this as the original listener must make a decision that others listening will play along with.