Talk Like a Lady (Manti Te’o)

With Katie Couric’s interview of Manti Te’o last week, it’s now common knowledge that his “girlfriend” was really just a guy talking like a woman.  Why not open the phones and get guy listeners to talk like a lady?

Hot List January 28, 2013

Super Bowl
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The Flu
Women on the Front Lines
Winter X Games
Apple Stock
Manti Te’o
SAG Awards
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Sundance Film Festival

WQYK Chemistry

Dave & VeronicaThe audio posted this week has been chosen for one specific reason – to show you how chemistry plays a role in creating fun and an environment listeners want to be around. Listeners can tell if the team likes each other.  Here’s Dave and Veronica at WQYK, Tampa just playing around with each other when a listener called.  You can’t fake chemistry.  The audience knows if it’s real or not.  Show your playfulness and listeners will want to wake up with you because they feel a part of your team.

Hot List Jan 21, 2013

The Inauguration
Lance Armstrong
Manti Te’o
Super Bowl
American Idol
The Flu
Taylor Swift
Sundance Film Festival
Jodie Foster
Subway’s Footlong
Charlie Sheen
Daniel Radcliffe

WNOU Rachel at the Dentist

Kyle & RachelThe audience does want to hear about the lives of the people on the show.  Especially when their experiences are very relatable.  Rachel, from Kyle and Rachel, Radio NOW, Indianapolis, recently went to the dentist.  To have the work done, Rachel had to get the laughing gas.  They could have just talked about it.  But the break got good because Kyle went along and recorded a conversation with Rachel while she was loopy.  This is fun and very memorable.

Daddy Dude Time

If you target women, you can never go wrong talking about relationships with kids.  Either as a promotion or irregular feature, do “Daddy Dude Time”, highlighting the fun things fathers do with their young sons to bond with them on the weekend.  It won’t be your standard thing…it’ll more be taking the kid to the WWE which will interest your female base to listen to.

Hot List January 14, 2013

The Flu
Golden Globes
Lance Armstrong on Oprah
NFL Playoffs
The Inauguration
Miss America
The Platinum Coin
Gyms Packed
New Year’s Resolutions
The Osbournes v. Lady Gaga
American Idol
Britney Spears
Kim and Kanye
The Death Star
Al Roker
Hockey is Back
Downton Abbey

WBMX Beat That

Karson & KennedyThe best ideas tend to come from real life – developing ideas from things that happen to you shift the perception from it being a “bit” to something more organic.  Karson, from Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston, walked in on his mother-in-law while she was visiting with him, when she had no pants on.  Oops!  To give out some concert tickets, the show did “Beat That”, where the listener with the best story beating his won.

Beat That

Karson from Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston recently walked into his mother-in-law while she wasn’t wearing any pants by accident.  Oops.  Having a pair of concert tickets, they decided to give them out by doing a bit called “Beat That”.  They took similar stories from listeners with the best one getting the tickets.  Simple, story-based, and fun.  You can hear audio of it here.

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