What Did You Have for Breakfast?

Here’s a silly new feature that will require you to load up one phone call per incoming line, with the only criteria being that each person calling must have had breakfast that day.  Put one, very specific mystery breakfast item in a sealed envelope (i.e. Honey Nut Cheerios, link sausage, English muffin, etc.).  Ask each caller to tell you what they had for breakfast.  The first person to name the mystery item in the envelope wins a prize.  Call this “What Did You Have For Breakfast?”  Part of winning in morning drive is to cultivate silly fun.  This does that if executed properly!

Hot List April 1, 2013

Final Four
April Fool’s Day
Easter Holiday
Baseball’s Opening Day
The Pope
Justin Bieber’s Monkey
Spring Break
Gay Marriage
Jim Carrey
Justin Timberlake
Matt Lauer
Phil Ramone
North Korea
Ric Flair’s Son
Marie Osmond
Nelson Mandela
Game of Thrones
Dionne Warwick’s Bankrupt

WZLX Patsy Gets Her License Renewed

Karlson & McKenzieOne of the more popular features on Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX, Boston is when Kevin talks to his mother-in-law, Patsy.  These conversations are very fun, you get a true sense of who Kevin is as a person (and son-in-law), and they are highly relatable.  In this break, Patsy gets her driver’s license renewed so Kevin calls to talk with her about it.

Lent Ends

What did you give up for Lent?  Diet Coke?  Chocolate?  Cursing?  Lent ends this week.  Find three listeners who gave up something small, yet consequential to them (like the items listed), bring them in, and let them break Lent on your show.  Can you imagine drinking the Diet Coke you love or eating chocolate for the first time in 40 days on the program?  Could be fun to listen to, especially if you choose the right people and the right items.

Hot List March 25, 2013

March Madness
Palm Sunday
Gay Marriage
Spring Break
Powerball Winner
Lent Ends
Good Friday
Kids’ Choice Awards
Jay Leno
Tiger Woods
Jon Bon Jovi
Tina Fey
Baseball’s  Opening Day
Jerry Sandusky on Today
New Pope
Lindsay Lohan
Clive Davis Book

KSON The Eli Manning Story

John & TammyOne of the criteria about bringing personal experience content to the show is if the audience will find the story intriguing and if the story has some drama or observations that will hook listeners to hear it.  John, from John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego, recently took a plane ride with New York Giants QB Eli Manning.  Great content is story-based.  John shares his in a most enaging and authentic way.  Then does the simple, yet very effective thing of getting listeners to tell their stories about seeing celebrities on planes.  Both breaks are below.

Steve in Billboard on Creating a Show

Steve Reynolds – The Billboard Interview on Creating a Great Morning Show

Easter Tongue Twister

Easter is not too far off.  If you have some prizes to give out, have kids call in to do Easter tongue twisters.  It’ll sound cute, even funny, as the kids botch them in an effort to win something.  Of course be the good guys and give them the prizes anyway.  Some Easter tongue twisters can be found here.

Hot List March 18, 2013

March Madness
St. Patrick’s Day
The New Pope
Lil Wayne
Big Gulps
The Sequester
Knives on Planes
Burt Wonderstone
Ryan Seacrest – Julianne Hough
Spring Training
Horse Meat
Justin Timberlake
Forbes Most Influential Celebs
Miley Cyrus

WPGC Star Mangled Banner

The Pablo ShowSeveral weeks ago when the Super Bowl was the Hot Topic, Pablo and Free, WPGC, Washington, DC went looking for a unique thing around the game to engage and entertain listeners that might make them return for another show.  We came up with the “Star Mangled Banner”.  They found the audio of four artists singling the National Anthem at a previous game (it’s all on line).  Each listener sang one of the last four words of the song (home, of, the, brave).  We aired it and took calls from listeners guessing the artists.  If no one figured it out, we had listeners return the next day to try again.  It was unique, innovative, topical, and done in a way which resulted in additional occasions of listening.