AMP 103.3, Boston Tantrum Tuesday

The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston has a cast in TJ, Loren, and Producer Matt who are just like the audience.  We leverage this regularly to connect with listeners and do it in an entertaining way.  It’s not good enough for them to know that TJ has a young daughter by the name of Charlie Jane.  He regularly reminds them what kind of daughter he has – a kid just like theirs who throws fits when she doesn’t get her way and at times when you least expect it.  This show is a master at vulnerability, bringing the audience into their world.  TJ records his daughter throwing her fits as he attempts, as a loving father, to “negotiate” her out of crying, for a weekly feature called “Tantrum Tuesday”.  A relatable topic being done in a truly unique way (like this) is very memorable.