KFDI, Wichita Can’t Top Tiny

Strategic benchmarks do a few very important things for any show:  they create an appointment at the time they’re done (necessary to gain another occasion from listeners).  They earn you images quicker if they are focused on having fun.  And, if centered around a cast member, they potentially build their character faster.  JJ and Tiny, KFDI, Wichita, KS put a benchmark on their show about a year ago that helps the program win in every category listed above.  Tiny is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to useless trivia.  So we built a feature around this attribute to define him to the audience.  Called “Can’t Top Tiny”, the listeners challenge him in who knows more around five inane trivial questions as chosen by JJ.  This is done every morning at 7:50 (there’s the appointment) and we pay it off with a couple of hit records so the audience, once entertained by this vicarious feature, gets some music.