Sarah and Jessie, MIX 96.5, Houston with Positively Pepper

Good news features work.  In a world of drama and negativity, doing a feature that is the opposite is a really good idea.  It accrues an image that is very important.  Almost everyone does this.  Positioning it is important so you own in.  “Good News” is a bland and boring name.  In Houston, Sarah Pepper and Jessie Watt, MIX 96.5, Houston just added a feature called Positively Pepper.  Naming a feature after a cast member defines that cast member.  If done right, it resonates with the audience.  Our core emphasis for this feature, besides defining Sarah, is to make sure the audience shares their good news so we can tell them how much we’re rooting for them.  It ends with Sarah’s daughter, Parker, offering an affirmation.  This is another unique thing about the feature so it’s all ours.