Karen Carson with Johnny Minge and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York City with Will Aaron Rogers Come To My Wedding.

How do you meld two topics together that fuse character development with pop culture?  Ask Karen Carson in the Morning with Johnny Minge and Intern Anthony, WNEW-FM, New York.  Intern Anthony was to get married.  We told the audience one of his high school friends dropped out of the reception because of Covid so there were two seats available at Table 8 with his cousins.  The show decided to invite Aaron Rogers, who’s now playing for the NY Jets.  To get listeners involved, they told them Anthony put a question in the invitation only Aaron would know and asked them to guess it.  They said if Aaron didn’t accept, from those who guessed the right question (fish or meat?), one would take his place if his fiance said yes.  Here’s a break of guesses and Anthony’s fiance saying no!