B105 One Great Promo

b105_bigdave_500x350What is the purpose of a strategic promo aired outside of the show?  There are two to choose from:  promote the signature feature of the show so you get known for doing it.  Signature, unique, fun benchmarks are critical to defining a show’s brand – they are always payoffs so pushing audience there helps you.  The other purpose is to prove how in the moment and fun you are.  This promo for The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati proves the latter.  All weekend, those who hear it know the show is about Mother’s Day during the weekend we celebrate it and fun.  Many promos push audience to the next show by telling them what is coming up – these are way less effective because you can’t feel those promos.  But those which have clips of features or breaks that land on a punchline you can feel, thus defining the show to the audience.