The Fold the Fitted Sheet Challenge

If there’s one thing no one can do, it’s fold a fitted sheet.  There are a slew of YouTube videos on how to do this which can be used to launch this narrative arc where your entire team is challenged to learn how to do it properly.  After a few days of practice, each cast member, using Facebook Live, tries to properly fold a fitted sheet, with the audience voting for a winner.

Mariah Carey-Oake

With Mariah Carey being the biggest pop culture story of the day, each cast member should let the audience hear how hard it is to sing a Mariah Carey song with another song blasting in your ears.  This is an idea that might also be ripe for Facebook Live so your fans can see the fun, too.

Happy Merry-oake

The anchor of your show chooses an unnamed, random Christmas carol.  With the contestant on the phone, two other cast members are played part of the song and must sing the next line (neither cast member know the song being chosen).  Your listener must choose the line of one of the two cast members as being correct or provide one of their own to win.  Thanks to Bud and Broadway, WIL, St. Louis for the inspiration for this idea.

Talk to the Mall Santas

Have a kid of a cast member on the show sit on the laps of every mall Santa in town and record the conversation.  It’ll sound cute (it always does when you have a kid talking with Santa Claus) and then air it.  If you want some edge in the bit, have the kid ask Santa for something they wouldn’t normally request (like a car).  Be careful to not mention any mall names so sales doesn’t get upset (approve this with your PD before doing it).

If You Know What I Mean…

The turkey was delicious but it didn’t baste long enough.  If you know what I mean.  Grandma kept picking at the pie after dinner.  If you know what I mean.  That phrase – if you know what I mean – when added to the end of almost any sentence, makes it sound suggestive and sexual.  Sounds like you have a new feature for your show.  If you know what I mean…

The Mannequin Challenge

Two mannequin challenge ideas:  do one with pets if you can get them to stay still.  The other is to get a boatload of turkeys from the grocery store and do a Thanksgiving mannequin challenge where the turkeys don’t move (which, of course, they won’t because they’re all dead and in packages).

Thanksgiving Help

Somewhere in your audience, someone is hosting Thanksgiving for the very first time this year.  Find that person and let that story live on your show by finding them expert help with the cooking each day to knock it out of the park for their guests.  The payoff comes the Monday after the holiday weekend when you have them on, with some of their guests, to critique the day.

Real Stat or F-That

Here’s a new game you can play called “Real Stat or F-That”.  This one comes compliments from Brent, Indie 88, Toronto, who goes out on the street loaded with real, but weird statistics on things and a few made up (but plausible).  You must guess three of five right to win. This is viable for a street feature or on the phones with a listener.

Dear Father’s Halloween Oath

Monday would be a great day to ask fathers to take an oath (humorously written by you) to promise to not raid, eat, or steal their kid’s Halloween candy.

Describe “The Other”

As an election bit, go to a place where there’s early voting or have someone record this on November 8th (election day).  Ask people leaving the polling place to describe the candidate they did NOT vote for by using two words.  Best part is no names are used so you’re not advocating for a side.