Billy the Weather Kid

With schools back in session, why not find a cute kid who comes on each morning to tell other kids the weather for the day and how to dress for school?  I don’t have to point out that you name the feature after them and not call them Billy, right?  🙄

The Luke Combover

Do you have country music star Luke Combs coming to your market and have tickets to give out?  Do the Luke Combover.  Edit several short clips of Luke Combs hits back-to-back.  First listener to guess every song in the Combover wins.  This lovely bit of cleverness was shared by Brian, Chrissy, and Matty at WGNA, Albany.

The Teachers’ Diary

With school back in session, how about finding a bunch of teachers and asking them to keep a diary of everything that happens in their classroom for a day and then come on the show and read it?  Could be great stories to hear as you enter their world of teaching.

My All-Time Favorite Teacher

For me, it was Mr. Cushman and Mr. Quigley.  When in high school, those two were my favorite teachers.  The two who had the biggest impact on me and, to this day, still resonate when I think of them.  How about for you?  For some character definition, if your favorite high school teacher is still around, why not get them on to say thanks and so that listeners can get to know you from that teacher’s perspective.  A great example is here.

Hey, What Did You Have For Breakfast

We’re told breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  With school back in session in a few weeks almost everywhere, here’s a quirky new feature for the show called Hey, What Did You Have For Breakfast?  Take calls from kids headed to school asking what they had for breakfast (you can take calls for other listeners, too).  What you hope to hear are things like:  a Diet Coke and bag of chips!

Who’s the Smartest Sales Person?

With schools going back in session later this month, lots of shows will play Smarter Than a Sixth-Grader.  Not you!  Re-frame that game by choosing two fun sales people at the station, finding a sixth-grade teacher, and having them administer the questions to see Who’s the Smartest Sales Person.

Hotter Than Hell

Are you in that intense heat wave most people are experiencing now?  Here’s a fun game to play called Hotter Than Hell.  Your caller is told the temperature, at that moment, in the city you live.  They then must guess if it’s hotter than hell.  You then call somewhere in Hell, Michigan to get the current temperature to see if they’ve won.


Alphabet Restaurant Challenge

Here’s an idea you can do through the end of the year called the Alphabet Restaurant Challenge.  Ask the audience for a local restaurant that starts with that day’s (or week’s) letter.  Go A to Z until you’ve done all 26 letters.  This is great local content.  Thanks to Mojo in the Morning, Channel 95.5, Detroit for the idea.

The Teacher Lounge Makeover

Schools will go back in session in a matter of weeks.  Plan on the Teacher Lounge Makeover.  Teachers heading back to local schools say they want their teacher’s lounge done over.  Choose one and do anything from new furniture to a year’s supply of snacks, depending on what you can pull off (and what clients might be able to help you with).

Straight to the Comments

The funniest and edgiest part of a website like Yelp are the comments.  That’s where keyboard courage exists from warriors out to exact revenge with their one-star reviews.  Create a fun character who comes on the show and does nothing but read the best in a new feature called Straight to the Comments!