Make Us Never Forget You

An evergreen for your bag of ideas is called Make Us Never Forget You.  Ask the audience to call and tell you a story about something that happened to them once that is so bold, you will never forget them!

Name That Accent

Need a simple, silly new game to give stuff out?  Play Name That Accent.  Listeners born elsewhere call the show and chat with you.  The team then huddles together to try and guess where that caller is from!

People Eating Pizza

This is web-only digital content to help your online engagement.  Jerry Seinfeld posted an odd, but funny video last week where all he did was eat a slice of pizza.  That’s it.  Which leads to something new:  People Eating Pizza.  Pizza is the most consumed food in America so make a big effort and ask listeners to send you pictures of them eating pizza.  Nothing more.  Totally silly and great digital content for your social media channels.

Spy The Celebrity Lie

A fun new game for your show!  A listener calls and gives you the names of two celebrities they have met.  They’re telling you the truth on one, but lying on the other.  Call out the lie and they win.  They then tell you the story about meeting the other!  Call it Spy the Celebrity Lie.

Dear Covid, Fuck You

Just by its name, this week’s Free Idea is very edgy and not for everyone.  DISCLAIMER:  this one won’t fit every brand or show – if interested, run this one by your PD to see if you can do it and how.  With the one-year anniversary of Covid upon us, have a bunch of notable people in town write a letter to the pandemic called Dear Covid, Fuck You.  They write a letter to the disease, breaking up with it, as though it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend and things are not working out (“it’s not you, it’s ME!”).  They then read the letter on-air and the few times the curse word is used, you bleep it.  Because that’s how listeners feel.

The Betty White Game

Betty White just turned 99 and is iconic.  In this game, the caller has to decide which is older, Betty White or the odd item you’d find in the grocery store.  For example, which is older – Betty White or Hostess Twinkies?  Believe it or not, Betty is older by eight years.  Betty is 99.  Twinkies were introduced in 1930, making them 91!

The Morning Show Mystery Question

Ask those who have listened to your show for some time to call because you have a Morning Show Mystery Question to ask.  Once on (or once you’re recording them), ask if they feel like they know you well enough that they will trust you with a password to one of their accounts.  The fun comes in the silence you’ll hear before they say no!


This week’s idea is to form a new group called WINOS:  Women In Need of Sanity.  Set up a special phone line only for women – invite them to call and vent about their life or their kids.  Air the most passionate calls and then give them admittance to the WINOS group for the rest of eternity.

Roses Are Red

With Valentine’s Day this Sunday, ask listeners to write some love poems.  Choose a different topic each time you do it (i.e. Covid, the Super Bowl, GameStop, Tom Brady, Bernie Sander’s Mittens).  The only thing they need to do is use as a first line: Roses Are Red.  They then follow the expected path of that poem we all know.  Thanks to Lexi from Lexi and Banks, K-BULL 93, Salt Lake City for this great idea.

The Star Mangled Banner

The Super Bowl comes this Sunday.  One of the highlights is the National Anthem.  Many have messed it up over the years at various venues.  Grab as many as you can on YouTube and edit together the Star Mangled Banner.  Play it each day.  First listener to tell you all the people in it wins!