Spice Up Your Spouse

If you can get your hands on a couple of spa packages, do Spice Up Your Spouse for Valentine’s Day.  Let female listeners call to complain about how their partner has given up on the holiday when it comes to gifts.  Choose one and give each a spa package to spice things up.

The Weekend’s Dumbest Argument

Monday content tends to be easy because you have all that real life stuff from the weekend.  If you’re up for a new Monday feature, do The Weekend’s Dumbest Argument where you take calls from listeners, auditioning for who had the dumbest argument with anyone.

Flex On Your Ex

Time for a new feature for the show.  This one’s called Flex Your Ex where listeners come on and say something nice about their ex.  That gives you a shot to explore their relationship and why it didn’t work out.

The Super Bowl Super Anthem

The Super Bowl is less than one month away (February 13).  Here’s an early idea as it has some production time necessary to make it sparkle.  Get on YouTube and grab a ton of famous people singing the National Anthem.  Make a super cut of it (each line done by a different person).  Play it the entire week leading up to the game.  The first listener to identify all the singers in order wins a nice prize.

I Think It’s On Netflix

Because it’s the most popular streaming service, when someone tells you about a show you should watch, the default is always – it’s on Netflix!  Then you go searching for it because it might be on one of the others.  Go grab a bunch of shows for this fun new game called I Think It’s On Netflix.  The listener has to guess if the streaming show you give them is actually on Netflix or one of the others.

New Year’s Resolutions For Thee and Me

Each person on the show should write one New Year’s resolution for every other cast member on the team.  Put them each in envelopes and tape them to the walls of the studio (a good visual for social media).  Then once a morning all week, take a few off and have the person the resolution is about read it on-air and then let the fireworks begin.  This is good character development content at a time when everyone is doing resolutions.


The Crappy Christmas Gift Acting School

Sometimes you get a real crappy gift and have to open it in front of the person who gave it to you.  Here’s where you conduct the Crappy Christmas Gift Acting School.  Get a lame coffee mug or T-shirt from someone?  Role play on-air with listeners how you can fake being all excited and touched that you got it.

The Christmas Carol Mash-Up

Got some fun prizes to give out?  The Christmas Carol Mash-Up is where you lay the hooks of three holiday tunes over one another.  First listener to tell you all three songs wins.

Go Ahead and Make Us Feel Like Crap

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some of your listeners will have already finished their holiday shopping.  Invite those who have to call so they can rub it in with the rest of us in a new feature called Go Ahead and Make Us Feel Like Crap!


The Dessert Enablers

Thanksgiving is this week, which means everyone will eat everything in sight.  Be the Dessert Enablers!  Let listeners call and then give them permission to eat as many desserts on Thursday as they’d like.  Bonus points if they take pictures of the ones they consumed, which then get posted on your Facebook page.