What Do You Think I Make?

We are always curious how much other people make, right?  Time for a new feature called “What Do You Think I Make?”  A listener calls telling you their profession.  The cast gets to ask a few questions about their work.  You then take a stab at how much they make before they reveal the number.  Thanks to Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix for this idea.

Trivia in Japanese

With the Olympics on now in Tokyo, why not convert the questions in a trivia-based feature on the show to all Japanese (easily done with Google Translate).  Include just enough English words in the question to give the listener a fair shot at guessing it.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

With more and more people traveling for their summer vacation, ask the kids of co-workers to leave you a voicemail each night before they go to bed, detailing all the things they did while on vacation with their family that day.  You’ll wake up to a bunch of audio you can edit into a feature each day through the summer as you rotate through families heading out.

The Regular Person Olympics

The Olympics are two weeks away.  We really have no idea just how good Olympics athletes are.  That’s because we’re always comparing them to other Olympic athletes.  Enter the Regular Person Olympics.  Choose enough Olympic events to match the number of people on your show (make them the easy events).  Assign one person per event – they have to go do it, get audio doing if for the show and video for social media.  Want to see just how good a swimmer or runner is?  Compare them against the person on your program doing the same event.  Thanks to The Josie Dye Show with Matt and Carlin, Indie 88, Toronto for this great idea.

How Cold Is It There?

Are you suffering through the heatwave in your market?  Play “How Cold Is It There?”  It’s summer here, but winter below the equator.  One listener guesses the temperature in a city in the southern hemisphere.  Then call a hotel in a big city there and ask how cold it is.  If the listener comes within 5-degrees, they win!

The Masket Casket

With everyone shedding their masks, go get yourself a pet casket on Amazon and have a burial service for all the masks we are no longer required to wear.  Put them in the coffin and bury them out back, with someone playing Taps.  Call it The Masket Casket.

Five Question Friday

As people head back to work, find listeners who work in interesting professions and invite one on each Friday to explore it.  To force more occasions through the week, each day at the time of the Friday interview, ask listeners to submit questions that can be asked using social media.  Gather them through the week and call the feature Five Question Friday.

Jobs After Jabs

There seems to be a hiring issue in every area of the country.  Lots of jobs, but no workers.  Feature local clients and area businesses who have open positions on the show.  Let them come on to tell your audience what’s available and how they can apply.  Call it Jobs After Jabs.

Hi to the Haters

Betcha there were people in your life who told you that you’d never make it.  We call them The Haters.  Here’s a great spot to root for the audience with a new feature called Hi to the Haters.  Let listeners come on, give the first name of someone who told them they’d never amount to anything, then celebrate their win.  Thanks to Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston for this idea.

What Did You Have For Breakfast?

If you’re looking for a new, occasional feature for your show, how about What Did You Have For Breakfast?  Get a quirky jingle, then open the phones and ask listeners as they’re driving to work what they had for breakfast that morning.  You’ll get everything from two eggs and bacon to a bag of potato chips.