The Wall of Vacation Selfies

Everyone’s headed out on vacation in the next month.  Do a weekly phone topic asking listeners where they’re headed for vacation.  Then ask them to send you a selfie from vacation.  Print all the pictures you get and put them on a wall in the studio you will name The Wall of Vacation Selfies.

Amazon Prime Days Bonanza

With Amazon Prime Days this week, set someone from the show up at a computer and signed into their account.  Their goal over the course of the program, is to load their cart up with so much stuff it equals $1,000,000.  The hitch?  They can’t buy any more than two items of the same thing.  Put live video of it on social media as you keep looking at the cart!  Would be fun to see what happens.

I Spot a Speedo

Time to ask the audience to help you with summer digital content.  Many of your fans will be on beaches and at pools this summer.  Ask for their help with I Spot a Speedo.  If they see someone in a Speedo, have them take a picture and send it to you.  Then share it on social media.  Especially if you target women, who doesn’t want to see guys in Speedos?

Justin Timber-Fake

With Justin Timberlake all over the news for his DUI arrest, get a bunch of people to sing their favorite JT song.  Play them for a caller who has to identify two out of three to win.  Call it Justin Timber-Fake.

Nachos Supreme Court

With the US Supreme Court announcing all their big cases over the next week, find five people who love Nachos Supreme from Taco Bell and have them vote on silly dilemmas you come up with by making them your Nachos Supreme Court.

The Vacation Gift Shop

With summer vacations about to kick in, talk to a listener each Friday who’s about to head out on vacation.  Give them a $5 budget and ask them to buy you something in the hotel gift shop.  Then, at the end of the summer, give out everything you have.

Daddy’s First Drag Show

With this being Pride Month, find a local drag show and create a promotion where listeners, whose fathers have never been to one, attend with you.  It’s Daddy’s First Drag Show!

We Pay For Your Kid’s College

With graduations now over, let parents come on to boast about where their kid graduated and where they’ll head to college.  Then grab a scratch off and tell them whatever winnings are on the card you will give them to defray the cost of college.  Then scratch that bad boy off and announce the amount!


Cellmates is a trivia game played by two listeners who’ve done time or gotten in trouble with the law.  They each tell their story of how things went sideways, then each are asked three trivia questions.  Between the two, they must get five right to win.  Your win comes in hearing how they got in trouble!  Thanks to the Daly/Miggs Show, Rock 99.9 (KISW), Seattle for this idea.

Jury Duty

It’s believed the Trump trial is rounding the corner to a verdict.  Lots of shows have been avoiding the topic (smart) because it’s so polarizing.  But there’s no reason you can’t mention the trial, then pivot to wondering what it’s like to be on a jury and solicit for those stories.