Yearbook Memories

May and June are the months for high school graduations. Do some character development by finding the high school yearbooks of all the cast members on your show. Get your boss to read something written in one of them and then the caller must guess whose yearbook it’s from. Then you can reminisce about that person who wrote it and have some fun.

What Happened to the V-Person?

With graduations happening in the month of May, let’s get caught up on whatever happened to the person in your graduating class who was valedictorian.  Using the internet, try to find them and invite them on your show.  As the smartest person in your class, did they grow to become the most successful person they were expected to be?

Being a Mom Sometimes Is a Drag

If you can swing pulling off a promotion with Sunday being Mother’s Day, consider Being a Mom Sometimes Is a Drag.  Everyone celebrates Mother’s Day the same way.  Qualify moms all week long and honor them in a way no other program would:  by taking them to a local drag show.

The $5 Story

Go get a bunch of $5 Starbucks gift cards, or if you can wrestle it from your brand manager, actual cash for a new feature called The $5 Story.  Open the phones, take three callers.  Each tells you a story.  After you hear each, the team votes on the best and the winner gets the five dollars.

Flex On Your Ex

Flex On Your Ex is a new feature where you take calls from people divorced or those who just broke up with someone and compel them to say something nice about the other person (hence “flex on your ex”).  That tension in the bit is a fun thesis, but it really gives you an opening to explore the relationship and why it ended, which is the win.


Breaking Lent

Lent ends this Thursday, April 14.  Gather a bunch of people who gave up something and let them break Lent live on your show.  They can utter their first curse word, snack on a delicious piece of chocolate or eat a potato chip, pop the top on a Diet Coke or sip a delicious cup of coffee for the first time in forty days on your program.

Celebrity Headline Time

Tell listeners a story about something a celebrity did that is in the news.  But leave the name of the celebrity out to engage them.  Then give three celebrity names and open the phones.  If the caller guesses the correct celebrity for the story, they win.  Thanks to The Ed Lover Show with Jen BT, 104.3 JAMS, Chicago for this idea.

Certificate of Manchievment

Guys like to boast about all the manly things they do around the house.  Whether they’re deserved or not.  Here’s a new feature for the show where you give out Certificates of Manchievment to men who like to brag that they did something their wives or girlfriends might have liked.

It Sucks To Have That Truck

With gas prices off the charts, here’s a fun new game listeners in cars can play along with.  Truck owners call and give you the make and model of their vehicle.  Each person on the show then gets a crack at how much it costs to fill that truck up with gas.  Thanks to Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL-FM, Raleigh for this idea.  One guy called and admitted to them it costs $250 to fill up his truck!

March Madness – The Office Pool

No doubt there will be lots of office pools with March Madness kicking off this week.  Each cast member of the show should solicit and join one office pool a listener invites them into.  Then, you can talk with the person coordinating the office pools each Monday through the tournament to see which cast member gets the furthest.