No More Social Media For You

The President has seemingly been banned from social media.  What’s that like?  How about you let the audience vote on who on the show should be banned from every social media platform for the balance of the week?  The twist is that the rest of you get their log-ins and can tell them small morsels of what you see on their feeds as they’re tortured not being connected.

Nana Learns the PS5

Lots of kids got PS5s for Christmas.  How about finding some kid who’s passionate about it and get them to teach their grandmother how to use it and play games?  If your kid got one, use them along with your folks.  Make sure to start the story line with everyone on-air, then record video of Nana playing for social media and air the best audio on the program.

Sucking Up to the Boss’s Wife

Need a last minute Christmas idea before the break?  Find out a lot about your boss’s wife and buy them a Cameo as a Christmas gift.  Then present it to them on your last show.  Say your budget is $35 so it’s a D-lister and do it under the banner that if your boss’s wife likes you, you’re safe from a RIF!

Re-Gift It Forward

Who wants to go Christmas shopping in the malls or even on-line with Covid?  It’s too exhausting.  Find two gifts you were given last year in the house and ask listeners to help you decide who on your list gets them.

Santa Claus the Coupon Code King

Santa needing coupon codes to buy some toys online is a funny concept.  Find a friend who can be Santa for your show and roll down the list of gifts you’re buying online.  Then have your Santa give you a funny coupon code to buy that item from the website.

Mr. Politics

With lots of people getting together with family and friends this Thursday, who in the group is Mr. Politics?  Who will be the first person at your holiday gathering to bring up politics?  And, how will the rest of the group react?

Thank You Covid!

Thanksgiving is coming up in a few weeks.  A time for family, too much food, and arguing – especially after an election.  Find listeners who are happy that Covid is preventing them from having to spend any time with their family this time of year.

The Santa Zoom

With news that there might not be any mall Santas due to Covid-19, find yourself a Santa and have him host Zooms with listeners and their kids through Christmas so he can virtually find out what they want and if they have been good or bad. You have video to share on social media and bring the best audio to the show with this idea.

Repair the Relationship

With the election over soon, it would be very relatable to find an engaging therapist and talk about repairing relationships that fractured because of politics.  That’s happened to all of us, so delving into this relationships topic would be very real.

Advocate For the Kit Kat

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have long been my #1 Halloween candy. A close second, though, is the Kit Kat bar. This year, I’m open to dethroning Reese’s. Open the phones and ask listeners to convince you why Kit Kats are better.