Team No Sleep

Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, MIX 101.5, Raleigh are creating a new group of listeners for their program. Knowing how people feel when they turn them on early, the show is branding early listeners Team No Sleep.  Humans are very tribal so creating the group is really smart.

The Best Stories Are Comeback Stories

The best stories are comeback stories.  Wanna be more local?  Highlight local small businesses that fought their way through the pandemic and are back to thriving.  Solicit for them on-air and then talk with the owners to celebrate their perseverance.  The audience will applaud you if you do.

The Big Halloween Apology

When you were a kid, was there a family in your neighborhood that was tormented Halloween night each year? If you played a role, why not find that family today and apologize on-the-air with them on the phone?

One Hundred Pounds of Halloween Candy

Halloween is about a month away. Anyone wanna create a candy trivia-based contest for kids where the winner walks away with 100-pounds of Halloween candy and a $100 gift card to go see a dentist in six months?

Supply Chain Issues

Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston did a fun phone topic last week.  More and more we can’t get things once we order them online due to “supply chain issues”.  What can’t you get because of “supply chain issues” resulted in fun phones with people venting about the most inane things.

Mr. Lost and Found

If you live in a market with professional or collegiate football, you have tens-of-thousands of fans attending home games through the season.  Lots of those people leave things behind in the stadium.  It’d be fun, each Monday after a home game, to have on the person who runs the stadium’s lost and found department so they can go over the items left behind!

Netflix Adultery

Here’s a new sin:  Netflix Adultery.  Ever been watching a show on Netflix with your significant other?  Then, when they’re not around (or sleeping in the other room), you decide to watch an episode of a show without them?  Well, you’ve committed Netflix Adultery.  Let’s take some admissions from the audience and then get their partner on for reaction.

The Never Ending School List

Teachers recently put out the list of school supplies they need their students to purchase for this upcoming school year. Gather as many lists as you can (easy Facebook content) and get a cute sounding kid to read every list on one of your shows.  Have the kid start at 6am and they keep reading until 9am, with you checking on them every break to listen in.

Girls and Gays

When you do an advice-oriented feature, adding an expert to the mix (especially if they are opinionated and boisterous) could radiate.  Do a advice feature called Girls and Gays, where only female listeners or anyone who is gay can offer a solution to the dilemma at hand.  No calls unless you fit into one of those two groups.

One-Star Reviews

The best reviews on Yelp are the one-star reviews.  They tend to be the most vicious.  Go grab a few and create a new feature where you read them.  Be careful to not take on any establishment that’s local lest that backfire on you.