The Halloween Apology

For us it was the Fudin family.  They were the family in our neighborhood the kids abused every Halloween.  Toilet paper in the trees, dog doo on the front stoop.  If the cops were called Halloween night, it was pretty much a guarantee that Mrs. Fudin did the dialing.  If there was a family like that in your neighborhood when you were a kid, it might be fun to call them to apologize as an adult as a Halloween idea.

Kids Predict the Presidential Race

No matter where you turn right now, there’s a new poll on the presidential race.  How about one of your own?  Spend a week offline finding kids and asking them:  based on what you know about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who’d give out the better candy on Halloween?  Whoever the kids pick wins the presidency.  Like other polls, “release” this info to the media and I bet you get some coverage.

The Seven Year Old Shut Ups

Who isn’t exhausted from this presidential campaign, right?  Find a bunch of cute sounding seven-year olds and record each of them, in their own words, telling the candidates to just shut up already.  String them together with an appropriate music bed and reflect how everyone feels!

Level Up With Pumpkin Spice

There’s this theory that everything tastes better with pumpkin spice.  Let’s test this.  Bring in some regular foot (oatmeal, cookies) with pumpkin spice.  Then see if other food items (anchovies, dog food) tastes better with it.

The Great Pumpkin

The world is very busy, especially for kids.  With school, homework, weekend soccer, and chores around the house, what kid has the time to think about Halloween?  Which is why someone on the show should call some kids as The Great Pumpkin the week prior to Halloween to take candy orders to see what they’ll do with this.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Here’s a new weekly feature that will help you connect with moms.  Take calls from mothers who’ll tell you stories about bad behavior from their kids.  You guys get to ask followup questions to get the details so the story comes to life.  Then you each get to guess what the punishment was to the kid for their misdeed.  The parent then tells you what they did.  This works because it’s story-based and the audience is trying to guess, too.

The Celebrity Sex Change

New game alert to give stuff out!!!  The Celebrity Sex Change.  Get audio of famous people talking.  Slow down the women (so they sound like guys) and speed up the guys (so they sound like women).  Play them for listeners and they have to guess who they are.

Do The Zika

Anyone think about taking the Zika virus and turning it into a dance song?  Much like The Macarena (you can use this melody), write some fun lyrics and turn this Hot Topic into a rhythmic tune to create some humor.

Trump Tweets

Taking a page from Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets”, how fun might it be if you find a real character (i.e. the opinionated custodian at work, the boring chief engineer in the building, a very cute, precious kid) and ask them to read Donald Trump’s tweets every few days?

Quick Questions

The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston put a new character development feature on called Quick Questions they developed from a video Vogue put on line with Kendall Jordan (here).  TJ goes around the room asking the cast questions so the audience can get to know them (the movie you found the funniest/made you cry the most, what celebrity you were most excited to meet, etc.) then he played the audio of Kendall’s answers.  Simple, easy, pop culture, and strategic.