Chris and Dina, WMAS-FM, Springfield, MA with Mother’s Day Mayhem

Without friction, you don’t get any explosion!  That’s another way of saying if you don’t have conflict or tension, your story is less valuable to the audience, maybe even worthless.  When looking at the stories to tell on-air, ask if there’s a tension of opposing forces.  Mix those and then watch what happens.  As evidenced by Chris and Dina, WMAS-FM, Springfield, MA.  Back before Mother’s Day, they heard from a stay-at-home mom who wasn’t going to get a gift from her husband.  That’s moderate tension, as they wished her well.  On the next break, they heard from her husband who said she always complained and that he felt her being able to stay-at-home with the kids was a gift all itself.  Explosion.  How do you think the audience reacted?  Yup, that’s what happened.