Christine and Salt, 96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford with Lauren Saves Jackson

Sometimes running in the opposite direction is a smart strategic move.  Seems like there’s negative news no matter where you turn.  It’s Trump this, Biden that.  So if you become the show that shares positive, uplifting news, you’ll gain an image not as the escape from all that, but as a respite.  This week’s audio proves that, and a few other things.  Before heading off for high school one morning, Tolland, CT resident Lauren Lews saw her 140-pound Great Dane, Jackson, fall through the ice of a pond in her backyard.  The dog started to struggle so Lauren did what any of us would do, she risked her life to save her dog’s.  In this on-air conversation she had with Christine and Salt, 96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford, Lauren tells her story.  You will never miss if you get the people in stories to tell their version of it to you audience.  Images received here:  it’s a story that fills you with pride, it’s local, and it’s very human, reinforcing that there is good in the world.